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NexCruise gives Cruise Control to your car! pays for itself in 3* months! makes your car a joy to drive adds to road safety

The Aha NexCruise is a universal plug-and-play device to bring premium cruise control functionality for your car.

It also adds a host of other features, which make your car more fuel efficient, fun to drive, and have better road safety.

Read on to know how it transforms your driving experience!

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Fuel Savings
Savings 30%

Aha NexCruise Basic

  • Cruise Control
  • ❌ Wireless Dial
  • Resume Cruise

Aha NexCruise Pro

  • Cruise Control
  • ✔️ Wireless Dial
  • Resume Cruise

How do I know if its useful for me?

Of course you need it!



If you do suburban or highway driving, or a part of your daily driving involves medium-to-light traffic, like on the ring roads, you would quickly realize that manually keeping the car at a constant speed, needed by the traffic and for getting the best mileage from your car, is a lot of work. 

Leg pain from driving

Leg pain from driving

While relatively shorter highway driving stints only come across as a minor inconvenience, the longer ones will give you nothing short of a chronic leg pain.

Your knees and hips are held at a specific angle for long periods of time, causing tension in the muscles throughout your legs. The nerve that suffers the most in these cases is your sciatic nerve.

tired long drives


When going long distances, if you’re in the driving seat, you already know the pain!

Crazy fuel costs

 Many times you forgo the privacy of your car to public modes, just because the fuel is so damn costly!

What are the features? And does it work for all cars?

NexCruise comes in two avatars: NexCruise for EVs and NexCruise for ICE cars.




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NexCruise ICE Edition

  • Cruise Control
  • List Item #2
  • List Item #3

Where can I get it? How will it be installed?



Swift Dzire





Nexon Petrol/Diesel

Nexon EV


Tigor EV