Aha NexCruise: what went into its making

Through the Aha Blog, we plan to keep sharing the behind-the-scenes details on the NexCruise.

What culminates into a successful product has a lot of history going behind it. It involves years of successes, failures, lessons learnt which results in enough things done right so it may come out as a successful product.

NexCruise is no different.

When it was just an idea seed, we took some fundamental design decisions, which give a rock solid foundation to this product, and which ensure that it will keep giving you dividends for years to come. It is going to be a delight to own and use, for years to come, and keep delivering Aha! moments all the way.

Here goes:

Plug and play design

NexCruise’s “plug-and-play” architecture is a masterstroke in terms of product design. The first and perhaps the most significant advantage is that it does not void the warranty of the host vehicle. This is a critical feature that assures you full peace-of-mind as you don’t have to worry about any side-implications or unwanted repercussions while using the product.
Furthermore, the plug-and-play design of NexCruise ensures that it does not require any specialized personnel to install. This is a huge plus, as it makes the product easy to distribute and install, and saves owners time and money. The simple installation process even makes it possible for you as an owner to install it yourself in a matter of minutes, without having to hire a professional.
Finally, the plug-and-play architecture enables us to deliver you outstanding after-sales support. We can simply service it over courier, making it very convenient for owners to get their device repaired or replaced in case of any issues. This is a clear example of how good design decisions can have a significant impact on a product’s overall usefulness.

Can be updated remotely via OTA software updates

The “Over the air” upgradability (OTA updates) feature of NexCruise is an excellent design decision that offers numerous benefits to the you as an owner. Firstly, it provides a high-quality after-sales experience as the manufacturer can check logs remotely and deliver fixes without needing to see the device in person. This feature is especially useful in the case of minor issues, like tuning the performance that can be quickly performed remotely without the need for the user to visit a service center.
Secondly, OTA updates also make it possible for new features to be delivered to the device. This means that even after you purchase NexCruise, the device will continue to receive updates that add new functionality, making it a more versatile and useful product over time.
Finally, the OTA updates feature also enables the device to be ported to a new car. This is a major advantage as it means that even if you change your vehicle, you won’t have to purchase a new device. Instead, you can simply ask us to update the device with your new car’s software and install it in your new car, making your investment into NexCruise a long-lasting affair.
In summary, the OTA updates feature of NexCruise is a great design decision that offers numerous benefits to the user. It provides a high-quality after-sales experience, enables new features to be added over time, and allows the device to be ported to a new car, making it a more sustainable and cost-effective solution.

 Universal hardware architecture

The NexCruise is designed as a “Universal hardware” platform. It is a design decision that offers outstanding benefits to the user. One of the primary advantages of this architecture is that all vehicles can benefit from the technology, regardless of their make or model. It doesn’t matter if yours is an entry-level vehicle purchased in the distant past, or you’ve got a latest top-end car fresh out of the showroom. This feature ensures that you don’t have to worry about any compatibility issues when purchasing NexCruise!
Then, it is the “Universal hardware” architecture, together with the remote OTA software upgrades, that makes it possible to migrate the same hardware to a new car if you change your vehicle. It saves a lot of wastage of money and resources, and empowers reuse, making it a more cost-effective and sustainable solution.
In summary, the “Universal hardware” architecture of NexCruise is an excellent design decision that offers several benefits to the user. It allows all vehicles to benefit from the technology and enables the same hardware to be migrated to a new car, making it a more cost-effective and sustainable solution.

Focus on delivering HUGE value

When designing the NexCruise, our primary focus was to deliver immense value and returns to the user as a conscious design choice. We believe that the user experience should be at the forefront of every design decision, and NexCruise impersonates our intents. One of the significant advantages of NexCruise is the ease of driving that it provides, making long drives less tiring and more comfortable for the driver.
Moreover, NexCruise also eliminates driving fatigue, which can reduce the joy of driving, and even lead to accidents. The device also offers significant savings on fuel, making it an affordable and cost-effective solution for car owners. The system pays for itself in a very short time. These benefits are complemented by premium features such as eco and sports modes, and speed governor features, providing additional value to the user.
Our customers say that the value NexCruise provides is invaluable, and they would easily pay four times more for this product. However, we do not believe in overcharging our customers, as we want the product to deliver value far and wide via affordability. Our goal is to ensure that everyone can adopt NexCruise and experience the benefits that it provides.

It solves your pain points – quite literally!

Did you know that NexCruise has solved “pain point” quite literally for many users. Many car owners, who suffered chronic right leg pain arising from long drives, have testified that their leg pain from long drives has gone, and long drives has become a joy. 

In addition, NexCruise is also helping users save money on speeding tickets. One customer reported that the product will pay for itself only via savings of speeding tickets, saving them Rs. 2000 for every instance of a speeding ticket. This feature is especially useful as it ensures that users drive within the legal speed limit, avoiding costly fines and ensuring their safety on the road.

Easy to get and easy to use

once you start using NexCruise, you will never go back to the old driving style! NexCruise is designed with an intuitive dial interface that is well-researched and patented. This unique feature allows users to control the device with ease, making it an excellent choice for both experienced and novice drivers. Once you get used to the dial driving experience, you will never want to go back to driving without it.
And getting the NexCruise is easy – as you can simply order it over courier, no matter where you are. And its self installable in a matter of minutes. All the benefits of NexCruise are yours for the taking; very few things on earth are as good and as real at the same time!
Come join the every growing and ever enthusiastic NexCruise community – and be a part of the goodness that’s happening!