Cruise Control for Car: Aha! NexCruise

What is Aha NexCruise?

Aha NexCruise is a universal plug-and-play device that adds Cruise Control to cars.

With NexCruise you can add Cruise Control and a host of other features, which make your car more fuel efficient, fun to drive, and safer.

Aha NexCruise has already clocked

0 Million
kms in all climates and terrains across India.

Aha NexCruise gives you upto

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of fuel savings!

NexCruise pays for itself within

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kms of driving

NexCruise Saves fuel. Makes drives a joy eliminates leg pain. gives Cruise Control. pays for itself. adds to your safety.

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NexCruise adds these features to your car:

Cruise Control

With Cruise control, the car maintains a speed that you select on its own, without you having to continuously press the pedal. During the cruise control, if you accelerate the car manually, it returns to the original cruising speed after you release the accelerator pedal.

NexCruise ensures perfectly constant speed while cruising, so that the energy consumption is the lowest and perfectly predictable.

Cruise Resume

Cruise resume feature automatically takes the car to the last-used cruising speed, without you having to manually drive the car back to the needed speed.

Adjustment of cruising speed

Also called dial driving, you can adjust and fine-tune your cruising speed using the dial. In real-world, this translates to unparalleled convenience, and you will find yourself driving the car effortlessly using only the dial!

Throttle power modes

Get city and sports response in your car with P1 and P2 modes of NexCruise, and zip through the city traffic!

Speed governor

Configure the maximum allowed speed as per your city's regulations, and rest assured you will never have to pay for a speeding ticket again! 

Migrate your NexCruise when you change your car

Your investment into NexCruise will keep giving returns, even if you change your car! Should you want to migrate the NexCruise to another car, just call us and we will add cruise control in your new car for a nominal expense. 

Connected system for OTA Updates

Over-the-air updates ensure that your system always has the latest features, and your one-time-investment keeps delivering you continuous innovation. 

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What are the variants and features of this system?

Aha NexCruise Basic

  • ✔️ Cruise Control
  • ✔️ OTA firmware updates
  • ✔️ Wired push button
  • ❌ Wireless Dial
  • ❌ Resume Cruise
  • ❌ Dial Driving
  • ❌ Speed Governor
  • ❌ P1 and P2 throttle modes
  • ✔️ Migrate to another car

Aha NexCruise Pro

  • ✔️ Cruise Control
  • ✔️ OTA firmware updates
  • ❌ Wired push button
  • ✔️ Wireless Dial
  • ✔️ Resume Cruise
  • ✔️ Dial Driving
  • ✔️ Speed Governor
  • ✔️ P1 and P2 throttle modes
  • ✔️ Migrate to another car

NexCruise works with

Cars of all brands

Suzuki, TATA, Toyota, Mahindra, Honda, Hyundai, Ford...

Any car made after 2012

It just needs to have an OBD port and an electronic acc pedal.

Cars of all fuel types

Petrol, Diesel, CNG, retrofitted CNG kits, hybrid, EV...

Cars with all transmission types

Manual, AMT, CVT...

How do I know if it's useful for me?

As summarised by Mr. Rahul, a NexCruise user, if you love fuel savings, highway driving comfort, and the well-being of your car, you will love the NexCruise.

Nexcruise transforms your driving experience by adding Cruise Control in car. NexCruise is good for you, your car’s health, and your car’s mileage – all at once! Things don’t get better than this!

If you do suburban or highway driving, or your driving involves medium-to-light traffic, like on the ring roads, NexCruise keeps the car at a constant speed, which is needed by the traffic and for getting the best mileage from your car. 

 With NexCruise’s Cruising features you can save upto 30% in fuel costs.

tired long drives


When going long distances, if you’re in the driving seat, you already know the pain!

Leg pain from driving

Leg pain from driving

While relatively shorter highway driving stints only come across as a minor inconvenience, the longer ones will give you nothing short of a chronic leg pain.

Your knees and hips are held at a specific angle for long periods of time, causing tension in the sciatic nerve & muscles throughout your legs. Let your leg relax with India’s best Aftermarket Cruise Control for cars.

Save speeding penalty with NexCruiseWe sometimes don’t realize we are exceeding the speed limit, and end up paying hefty fines. 

Rapid acceleration and braking is an enemy of your car’s components, like the engine and the brake pads. When you’re using NexCruise, the life of your car’s components increases as a pleasant by-product, because its being driven very efficiently and there are no rapid changes. 

User reviews and news about the NexCruise

The present and future NexCruise users are connected over a community-created telegram group. It is a rich and active community, with deeply knowledgeable users from diverse backgrounds who’ve come together to share experiences, support each other, and improve the NexCruise for everyone.

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Cars supported by NexCruise

We are on a mission to empower every car out there with Cruise Control with NexCruise. Below is the ever growing list of vehicles that are supported by NexCruise today:


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