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Aha NexCruise. The universally loved cruise control and mileage-maximizer system for your car!

The NexCruise is a cruise control system, and much more, for car! 

Aha NexCruise is delivering results!

Energy-efficient driving must be for everyone. But till now, it wasn’t!

NexCruise automates the energy management so that everyone can extract maximum efficiency from their car! Watch the efficiency of your Car shoot up, while you enjoy the comfort of painless long-drives with NexCruise.

Join the growing community of NexCruise owners here, and interact with them directly about what they feel about the NexCruise.

Experience it yourself and see the difference it makes!

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EZYCharge EV Travel Charging kit

Experience great design and convenience with the latest EV Travel charging kit from Aha!

Charge your EV anywhere on the go, without having to sacrifice large boot space.

The classic EV travel kit!

Charge your EV anywhere you go, pay your host on the move, and enjoy boundless freedom with your EV!