OBD splitter cable, Dial holder etc

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NexCruise Dial mount for steering of TATA Cars (3D printed)

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If you wish to mount the NexCruise dial on the steering of your TATA car (new generation of Nexon, Tigor, Tiago), consider using this dial mount.

Disclaimer: This is a 3D printed product. 3D printed parts naturally have a rough surface and layer texture because of the way they are made, and they seem less finished as compared to what we are used to seeing. However functionally and longevity-wise, it is perfect for the purpose.

We won’t accept return/refund request of this part due to the reason above. Please check the photos before ordering.

OBD splitter cable

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The OBD splitter cable connects to your car’s OBD port, and makes two OBD ports out of one.

NexCruise uses one of these, and the other one stays spare for any other device or your Car’s sevice centre.


This cable is useful if:

a) You wish to keep your OBD port available for other devices even after installing the NexCruise.

b) There is too little space in your car for the OBD connector that comes with NexCruise.

c) You wish to extend the access to OBD port of your car.

It plugs in your car’s OBD port and makes two ports out of it. One can be used by NexCruise, other stays available.