Aha EV Travel kit (and upcoming EV products) merger with Voltran Electric

Dear fellow EV community friends,

Today marks a landmark day in this blessed and exciting journey that we have been sharing for more than two years together.

Today, the humble “Aha EV Travel kit” graduates and merges into “Voltran Electric”, a company with a vision to be known for everything EV. I’m also glad to share that I (Aakash, the guy behind the EV Kit) am also going to play an continued active role in the current and future product line of Voltran Electric.

What it means for the Aha EV travel kit?

It will be known as Voltran EV travel kit, and carries the same legacy, evolution and quality forward with the new name.

While under the Aha flag, it completed its journey as a product, with Voltran it will proliferate and reach everywhere. It is now with the right people to nurture, remove the current bottlenecks, and spread the value far and wide.

New EV products from Voltran

With its clear and exclusive focus on everything EV, do expect many more innovative and useful products for the EV community to come out from the Voltran umbrella.

What happens to Aha Innovations and its products, like Aha NexCruise?

Aha Innovations, with its mission to address all pain points irrespective of the domain, continues to do that, more encouraged than ever with the graduation of Aha EV travel kit to the right people.

Aha NexCruise (including its EV avatar) will continue to evolve under Aha flagship.