Be an Aha Dost!

Do you love your NexCruise?

Are you looking forward to contribute and take the NexCruise cause forward!?

Here’s something that needs to be done!

The future owners for NexCruise in your city are going to need someone to talk to, before they can decide to go for the NexCruise.

Once they get it, they will also need support in installing their NexCruise, and gain comfort about using it.

That’s when they will be needing a friend who already knows everything about NexCruise, and can help them get started. Please be that friend for them. Be an Aha Dost!

What will an Aha Dost Do?

An Aha Dost will help install the NexCruise unit in the new owner’s car, and help them get familiar with the system.

In general, make them feel comfortable that you are there to support them 🙂

How will the new owner connect to an Aha Dost?

We will propose if a new customer would like to connect to an Aha Dost near them. If yes, we will connect the dost to the new potential NexCruise owner.

Are there any financial perks too?

On our part, we will credit Rs. 500 for every demo that you provide, and another Rs. 500 if the person you demo’ed decides to go for it!

It looks good, but I'm worried about my busy schedule.

At the time of sign-up, we have asked for your comfortable timings. We will ensure that the new owner knows about it.

When a new NC owner selects you for help at the time of placing their order, we send you an email.

Coordinating with them will be at your initiative. Which you can do at a time that works for you.

Give it a shot to see how it goes! We totally believe you will love connecting to people this way, and the camaraderie of fellow EV owners in your City comes as a bonus!

If in the end it doesn’t work out for you, just let us know and we won’t connect any further new owners to you. Simple as that.

Done! Let's do it! How can I be a NexCruise Dost?

Fill the form below! And then we will do our thing 🙂 Please be sure to read through, understand and agree to the terms and conditions!