NexCruise Dost Terms and conditions

Please note that Aha assumes no guarantee or commitment for volume of business to the NexCruise dost.

Likewise, Aha also does not guarantee any duration of the program.

Other than the honorarium, Aha promises no additional perks to a NexCruise Dost.

Rs. 500 is an honorarium payable from Aha after NexCruise is successfully installed in user’s car, and acknowledges with us his/her satisfaction on the help received from the NexCruise dost via an online form via due process.

If due to a product fault, the unit isn’t successfully installed in the user’s car, and subsequent meetings are necessary (as judged by the L2 support staff at Aha HQ), Rs. 200 per additional instance of meeting are payable.

The payable amount shall be credited within 7 days of successful completion of a task. This duration may be revised from time to time.

If there is any liability of taxes, it will be deducted before crediting the payment.

We reserve the right to define and modify the qualification criteria of NexCruise dost.

We reserve the right to delist anyone from the Dost network without having to provide a reason for the same.

We reserve the right to change the honorarium amount without notice.

We reserve the right to discontinue the NexCruise dost program at any time, giving due notification to all onboarded personnel.