The Aha! NexCruise

The Aha NexCruise brings cruise control functionality for your TATA Nexon EV and the TATA Tigor EV.

And its much more than that. It is a comprehensive EV Energy management system, which brings a host of features to bring full power at your fingertips. Read on to know how it transforms your EV ownership experience!  


Whatever be your current questions about EV ownership, NexCruise addresses it elegantly! Want Cruise Control? No problem! Want to get rid of range anxiety? No problem! Want to achieve 300+ kms range in a single charge, without the hassles? No problem! Switching from ICE to EV? NexCruise is here to hand-hold your transition!

Read on to know how.

With the NexCruise, you know exactly how far your car will go, depending upon the modes you’ve engaged. Feel absolutely certain about taking the car on uncharted roads. If there’s a change in plan, do the corresponding change in NexCruise settings and go the distance. At no point will you be guessing in the dark on the actual DTG of your car!

NexCruise drives the car in the “perfect” way, without making a mistake in driving pattern which might reduce the range. It maintains perfectly constant speed and smooth speed transitions while cruising, ensures smooth and gradual changes in the car’s energy consumption whenever needed. It also ensures that the momentum of the car gives real miles, instead of losing the speed out to regenerative braking.

As a result, you get unbelievably long range with your EV. With the current Nexon EV (30KW battery), not only is 300+ kms range achievable, but getting it is a breeze – repeatably – whenever you wish for it!

Without the NexCruise, if you want maximum range in your EV, you need to carefully and manually maintain a constant speed and low acceleration.

The leg starts paining, and you are stuck watching the speedometer and the energy graph all the time you are driving. You lose out on the joy of the journey, and the company of your loved ones in the car.

Its’ time to leave all the tedious driving to NexCruise! Just engage the necessary settings, and sit back and enjoy the drive. The NexCruise will give you a delightful experience AND a better range than any human ever can. 

The NexCruise does the “EV style of driving” automatically for you, so you don’t have to learn it the hard way. Directly reap the best of both worlds with NexCruise and join the EV bandwagon confidently!

NexCruise helps you easily save 10% of your SoC for every charge. It pays for itself within no time while you enjoy the convenience it brings!

Rapid discharge is an enemy of the battery life. When you’re using NexCruise to maximize your car’s range, the battery life increases as a pleasant by-product, because its used very efficiently and there is no rapid discharge. NexCruise is good for you, your car’s range, and your car’s batteries – all at once! Things don’t get better than this!


Would rather like a video tour of the features? Here it is:

Cruise Control

With Cruise control, the car maintains a speed that you select automatically, without you having to continuously press the pedal. During the cruise control, if you accelerate the car manually, it returns to the original cruising speed after you release the accelerator pedal.

NexCruise ensures perfectly constant speed while cruising, so that the energy consumption is the lowest and perfectly predictable.

Cruise Resume

Cruise resume feature automatically takes the car to the last-used cruising speed, without you having to manually drive the car back to the needed speed.


Adjustment of cruising speed

While cruising, you can adjust and fine-tune your cruising speed using the dial. In real-world, this translates to unparalleled convenience, and you will find yourself driving the car effortlessly using only the dial!

Coast mode

Coast mode turns-off the regenerative braking, so that you don't lose the momentum of your car, and having to forcibly brake when you don't want to. Instead, you can use the motion into covering more miles with minimal energy, and enjoying a great range of your car!

Eco and Deep Eco modes

Get perfect control of your car's energy consumption with the Eco and deep-eco modes, and get unparalleled range-assurance for those long trips on uncharted roads. Or quite simply enjoy upto 10% saving per charge, get a better life of your car's battery, and see the NexCruise pay for itself in no time! 

Speed governor

Configure the maximum allowed speed as per your city's regulations, and rest assured you will never have to pay for a speeding ticket again! 

Connected system for OTA Updates

Over-the-air updates ensure that your system always has the latest features, and your one-time-investment keeps delivering you continuous innovation. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The NexCruise is designed to be good for the car, and not to do anything which can void warranty of any vehicle. No wire cutting is involved and it is a fully-reversible installation. It draws power from where it should – the aux battery, it only reads OBD messages and never writes on them, and does not require any alteration in the vehicle to install. We have made it a fully plug-and-play device.

It is also running for 1L+ kms, and in a large enough number of vehicles so its already well proven in the field.

It is even good for your car battery’s life, because it avoids rapid discharge whenever it is used, and helps your car deliver 300+ kms range.

Speaking of TML’s take, its not something that we can control. However we have ensured full transparency, and we’re sure that the system will come out golden if/when evaluated.

Long story short – if you’re ready for the system, go for it! The system is ready for you. There are hundreds of other NexCruise owners who can endorse it with their experience. TML hasn’t given any statement yet, but we have shared all the data with them. Eventually, you are the best judge if NexCruise is right for you!

Yes! Join the NexCruise group on Telegram. It is a community-created and very active and helpful group of all NexCruise enthusiasts, and you can directly get answers to all your questions there! You may also find NexCruise owners in your City, so you can connect in the real world as well 🙂 

No. It is designed only for the Nexon EV and the Tigor EV.

We will get the NexCruise installed in your vehicle through our Authorized representative in your city. It carries a one-year full-replacement warranty.

NexCruise is a plug-and-play system, and many users choose to go hands-on with it. We support DIY installations, and honour the product warranty for DIYers too. Because we are DIYers ourselves 🙂

Check out the installation videos of NexCruise from us and our community members in the Resources section below.

Yes! And we’re very happy we’ll spice up your car even before it has come to you 🙂

If your NexCruise is ready before your car, we can wait for your car to be delivered. Give us a heads-up once the car is there, and we will take up the installation!

See the NexCruise in action!


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User reviews and news about the NexCruise

The present and future NexCruise users are connected over a community-created telegram group. It is who we listen to, to shape the future of the product. It is a rich and active community, with deeply knowledgeable users from diverse backgrounds who’ve come together to share experiences, support each other, and and generally improve the NexCruise for everyone.

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Siddhartha Doddapeni
Siddhartha Doddapeni
Read More
Today recieved the nexcruise. The installation was a super easy and @aakashece ji helped with a OTA update for latest firmware. I have driven car about 70kms after installation, and using it is delightful. The NexCruise is really helpful and it will enhance the battery by reducing number of charge cycles.
Dr Kishore More
Dr Kishore More@kishoremore
Read More
The NexCruise system is awesome. Today I went 155 kilometers, with Eco mode on highway at a speed of 75 km / h with AC 24.5 and fan speed 2. My battery drained from 100% to 45%. Normally without NexCruise it consumes 100% to 35%. So I saved 7 to 10% of battery. Being a startup there may be so many complications involved. But the team never compromised on quality output. Once again thank you Aha team for delivering the outstanding cruise system. Thank you.
Ankit Jain
Ankit Jain@AnkitJainS
Read More
Hey, got my NexCruise a few days back and had a chance to drive for over 200 kms… installation was easy and issues were promptly ironed out by Aha team. Got two OTA firmware update and system working like charm. Best part is the ability to maintain low speeds consistently and ability to engage cruise at any speed. DeepEco and Eco worked as intended. Didn’t use coAst feature as I believe the cruising~coasting. Overall the system is working very well. Cheers to Aakash and his entire team for a successful rollout! All the best!

If you’d like to discuss something with the existing NexCruise owners, or generally want to connect to like-minded people, just come aboard, join the community, and start your interactions!


NexCruise installation videos

From the archives

Watch some videos of NEAT (NexCruise Early Adopters Team) members experiences with the NexCruise, made over the history of the making of the product!