Your use of Aha NexCruise implies your full understanding and agreement to the terms of use noted below:

1.Your decision to use the system comes with a full understanding that the system is an alpha stage system. At this stage, it may exhibit potentially unexpected or unwanted behaviour.

2.Based on user feedback and future development roadmap, the behaviour of the system will be tuned and/or modified by over-the-air software upgrades.

3.New features may be made available in the future, beyond those at the time of purchase of the system. An upgrade to such features will be optional. However, should you decide to upgrade your system to such features it may require additional payment on your part.

4.The system is to be used only under the advertised circumstances and for its intended behaviour. Specifically, an attempt may not be made to reverse engineer full or part of the system by way of opening, tampering, decompiling, or any other method. The same is illegal and prosecutable by law.

5.This is a “good-faith” transaction. Although the company has done their best part in ensuring its fitment and suitability for the intended purpose, and it comes to you after full and field testing, but you agree to have decided to use this system based on your sole judgement and assume full responsibility of any repercussions arising out of your use of this system. The company makes no claims, express or implied, with regards to the system’s behaviour, for its fitment for any particular purpose, or its impact on the host vehicle, including with regards to host vehicle’s warranty and insurance. You indemnify and hold Aha and its associates harmless against any repercussion arising out of your use of the system. Aha accepts no legal implications of the same for any reasons whatsoever.