Can Cruise Control be Installed in Car After Market?

When searching online, you might come across a blog by the famous automobile website, V3 Cars, which states, “The cruise control feature is nearly impossible to install from the aftermarket if none of the variants of your car have this feature.”

At Aha, we believe that the word “impossible” should never be used when it comes to technology. That’s why we put on our engineering hats and turned the impossible into possible.

Introducing Aha NexCruise, India’s first aftermarket cruise control that makes it possible to have cruise control in any car. It’s not only compatible with all vehicles but also safe, warranty-friendly, and easy to install or remove.

With hard work and love for engineering, we built Aha NexCruise that has made the dream to have Cruise Control in any car a a reality!  It is India’s first aftermarket cruise control, which not only works for all cars but is also absolutely safe, does not void your warranty or insurance, and can be easily installed or removed.

NexCruise is an universal cruise control that uses advanced engineering techniques and communication between the ECU and OBD to ensure seamless operation.

NexCruise is a major breakthrough for Indian car owners, who until now had to rely to buy the top most variant of car to get Cruise Control. Our product not only offers cruise control functionality but also brings a new level of convenience and safety to Indian roads. Its universal compatibility with all cars makes it a versatile and cost-effective solution for those who want to enjoy the benefits of cruise control without investing in a brand-new vehicle.

No Warranty Issues for Retro-fitment

Many people worry that adding aftermarket products might cancel their car’s warranty. We know this is a concern, so our universal cruise control is made to be a simple plug-and-play device. The installation doesn’t harm your car’s original wiring or systems. This means your warranty stays safe, and you can feel at ease using our product.

How complex is it to install Cruise Control?

Before NexCruise, if you wanted to install Cruise Control, you will have to go to random places, try random things and then say it is not working. But with NexCruise, all it takes is 15 minutes to get your car Cruise Control. It can be installed by anyone who knows what is accelerator pedal, and the process is simple and straightforward. The best part? If you decide to sell your car or upgrade to a new one, you can easily remove the cruise control system and transfer it to your new vehicle.

Performance Compared to OEM?

You might find it hard to believe, but NexCruise often outperforms OEM cruise control systems. We recognized that cruise control is needed not only on highways but also in traffic, where speeds can crawl at just 20 km/h. All OEM cruise control systems only work above 40 km/h, but NexCruise works above 5 km/h and comes loaded with additional features.
Our customers say that the value NexCruise provides is invaluable, and they would easily pay four times more for this product. Don’t just take our word for it, join our Telegram community to ask fellow NexCruise users.

What all Cars does it Support?

All cars manufactured after 2012 have drive-by-wire accelerators, where the accelerator pedal provides an electrical signal, which tells the on-board computer to moderate the quantity of fuel-air mixture. NexCruise simply commands the computer to maintain the desired speed. So, if your car is a 2012 model or newer, Congratulations!

Come join the every growing and ever enthusiastic NexCruise community. This in totally made in India, for India and by people who absolutely love India!

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