Get Cruise Control in Any Car with NexCruise: No Need to Limit Your Choices

Are you looking for a new car and shortlisting the ones which have Cruise Control in it? You’re not alone. With the great highways that our country is adding everyday, you ought to have Cruise Control in your car. While you might have come across many articles listing the limited options of cars with in-built cruise control, we have some great news for you. We at Aha have developed India’s first aftermarket cruise control device- Aha NexCruise, which means you no longer need to restrict your car choices to those with factory-installed cruise control.


The Limited World of Cars with Cruise Control in India

In the past, cruise control was a luxury feature offered only in select top-tier car models, which significantly narrowed down the choices for car buyers. So if you were planning to break your bank for a car with Cruise Control, don’t. With NexCruise, those days are over.

NexCruise: The Revolutionary Aftermarket Cruise Control

NexCruise is a groundbreaking aftermarket device that offers a seamless cruise control experience in any car. It is a plug and play solution that is designed with the latest technology and is compatible with virtually all makes and models available in India. This means you can now choose any car you like and still enjoy the benefits of cruise control without compromising on comfort or spending a fortune on a high-end model.

Benefits of Choosing NexCruise Over OEM Cruise Control?

  1. Compatibility for All: With compatibility in cars manufactured post-2014, NexCruise removes the requirement to choose particular models solely based on built-in cruise control offerings.
  2. Cost-Effective: With NexCruise, you can save a significant amount by opting for a more affordable car without cruise control and still enjoy the luxury of this feature at a fraction of the cost.
  3. New Throttle Mode: NexCruise is not just a Cruise Control but it also offers you two new throttle modes of Sports and Eco, which make your driving experience even better.
  4. Speed Limit: NexCruise also offers you speed limit checks, so you don’t pay overspeeding fines. See, it saves you money!
  5. Dial Driving: NexCruise comes with our patented feature of dial driving. Cruise your car with NexCruise and if you want to increase the speed, don’t trouble your legs. Just rotate the dial and enjoy real life gaming.

So, if “Cars with Cruise Control” is your quest, search no more. NexCruise serves as the ideal answer, offering cruise control perks in any vehicle. So when you go out to buy a new car, keep NexCruise in mind, it will ease your troubles to select your dream car while reaping the rewards of relaxed, convenient cruise control.

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