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EZYCharge EV charging kit

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The EZYCharge Kit is here!

This kit is all you need to charge your electric car on-the-go!

This is a result of the rigorous experience with the original Aha EV Travel charge kit.

With this kit in your boot, you are fully equipped for long drives in your EV!
1. You can find electrical earthing for your EV charger anywhere on the planet!
2. You can measure the electricity you consumed so you can pay your host as needed.
3. A long, reliable cable lets you reach a plug practically anywhere in the host premises.
4. The kit shows you if the host wiring has proper polarity or not.

The Kit includes:

1. The main cable roll, which includes the switch-board and energy-meter.
2. Reverse polarity detector
3. The earth wire roll, which includes a 8m long, 2.5 sq mm wire for earthing.
4. Metal rod for sand-based electrical earthing

Product explainer video:


Cable: 2.5 square mm, 15 meters long, RR Kabel or Finolex make.

Switches and MCB: Veto/Anchor or similar high quality.

Earthing rod: 8 inch long, with handle for easy pulling-out from ground.


Check out the EV Travel kit FB page for latest pics and videos of the product!