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Aftermarket Cruise Control in Car: NexCruise

Aha NexCruise – ICE Edition


Aha NexCruise ICE Edition brings plug-and-play cruise control functionality and other premium features in your Car.

It is self-installable, and does not void the warranty or alter your vehicle in any way.

This product works with all supported ICE (petrol, diesel and CNG) cars.

For a list of supported cars, visit:

When ordering, please mention the name of your Car in Order notes.

Aftermarket Cruise Control in Car: NexCruise

Aha NexCruise for TATA Tiago EV

25,990 22,025

Aha NexCruise Tiago EV Edition brings plug-and-play cruise control functionality and other premium features in your Car.

It is self-installable, and does not void the warranty or alter your vehicle in any way.

It brings to you:

  • Cruise control
  • Cruise resume
  • Dial driving
  • Eco and Sports modes

along-with other well known features like OTA updates and possibility to migrate to other cars.

Aha NexCruise

Aha NexCruise for Tata Tigor EV and Tata Nexon EV

30,668 25,990

The Aha NexCruise is an Energy Management System for your EV, and adds a host of powerful features to give total control of your car’s energy utilization.

Features include:

  • Cruise Control
  • Speed adjustment during cruise
  • Cruise Resume
  • Coast mode
  • Eco and Deep Eco energy modes
  • Speed Governor
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EV Travel charging kit


Aha EV Kit is now known as Voltran EV Kit, and available on Amazon!

For more details, read this blog post.

To order on Amazon, click here.

The information below is kept for the records.

*** NEW: Now the Aha Travel kit comes in its own handy bag! ***

This kit is all you need to charge your electric car on-the-go absolutely anywhere you go!

With this kit in your boot, you are fully equipped for long drives in your EV!
1. You can find electrical earthing for your EV charger anywhere on the planet!
2. You can measure the electricity you consumed so you can pay your host as needed.
3. A long, reliable cable lets you reach a plug practically anywhere in the host premises.
4. The kit shows you if the host wiring has proper polarity or not.
5. The kit includes an MCB to safeguard your vehicle against short circuits.
6. In the ultimate fallback case, you can use the tow rope included to tow-charge your vehicle.

The Kit includes:

1. The main cable roll, which includes the switch-board and energy-meter.
2a. Reverse polarity detector
2b. 25A MCB
3. The earth wire roll, which includes a 30m long, 2.5 sq mm wire for earth.
4a. Metal rod for sand-based electrical earthing
4b. Copper plate for water-tank based electrical earthing
4c. Clamp for getting earthing with any metal structure like plumbing, hand-pumps, railings, pole, electricity board pit, etc.
5. A tow-line!



Cable: 2.5 or 4 square mm, 15 to 25 meters long, (based on customization), RR Kabel or Finolex make.

Switches and MCB: Veto/Anchor or similar high quality.

Copper plate: 18 inch long, 25mm wide, 2.5mm thick solid copper.

Earthing rod: 24 inch long, with soft handles for easy pulling-out from ground.

Earthing clamp: With soft handles and copper contacts.

Towing rope: Flexible Nylon, 25m long.

Check out the EV travel kit’s FB page for latest pics and videos of the product!

NexCruise Dial mount for steering of TATA Cars (3D printed)

448 380

If you wish to mount the NexCruise dial on the steering of your TATA car (new generation of Nexon, Tigor, Tiago), consider using this dial mount.

Disclaimer: This is a 3D printed product. 3D printed parts naturally have a rough surface and layer texture because of the way they are made, and they seem less finished as compared to what we are used to seeing. However functionally and longevity-wise, it is perfect for the purpose.

We won’t accept return/refund request of this part due to the reason above. Please check the photos before ordering.

NexCruise lightbar upgrade

299 253

Important: This product is only meant for old NexCruise customers.

Order this product to upgrade upgrade your old NexCruise lightbar to a new one (

Steps to order:

  1. Buy this lightbar upgrade
  2. Courier your DRX cable (the one with lightbar and dial receiver) to us
  3. Whatsapp us your order ID and tracking number to 6367394463.

We will upgrade your existing lightbar and send it back to you.

OBD splitter cable

789 669

The OBD splitter cable connects to your car’s OBD port, and makes two OBD ports out of one.

NexCruise uses one of these, and the other one stays spare for any other device or your Car’s sevice centre.


This cable is useful if:

a) You wish to keep your OBD port available for other devices even after installing the NexCruise.

b) There is too little space in your car for the OBD connector that comes with NexCruise.

c) You wish to extend the access to OBD port of your car.

It plugs in your car’s OBD port and makes two ports out of it. One can be used by NexCruise, other stays available.